Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva 3000 – Used & Refurbished

Aestiva 3000

The Aestiva 3000 was built to accommodate your changing needs. An ergonomic, intuitively designed machine, the Aestiva 3000 operates on the modern SmartVent ventilator which offers some of the most acute care in the industry. Offering both pressure and volume control modes, your team can rest easy knowing this vigilant partner in anesthesia therapy is at work for each of your unique patients.

Doctors Depot values your decision to purchase an Datex Aestiva 3000. The machine’s ability to offer powerful, cost-effective care, keeps you from sacrificing skill in the name of an equipment budget. With Doctors Depot, you are getting much more than a used Datex Ohmeda Aestiva 3000. You are getting a high-quality refurbished and reconditioned medical device.

Anesthesia care comes with its own set of demands and the Aestiva 3000 strives to efficiently tackle them all. Smart ventilation, agent exchange and a warmed breathing system allows you to carry on with your practice, without the stress of second guessing.

The Aestiva 3000's SmartVent ventilator has both pressure and volume control modes, making the transition from routine to trauma patients swift and simple. An intuitive gas compensation system automatically adjusts for changes in fresh gas flows, small system leaks, changing lung compliance or compression losses, without hesitation. Ideal for low-flow anesthesia situations, the Aestiva 3000 not only aids in tailoring specific patient requirements, but also helps reduce agent cost as well.

Open architecture on the compact, ergonomically built Aestiva 3000 affords you the freedom to use existing equipment or add as necessary. Other configurations include choosing from a two, three or four gas set-up with two or three in-line vaporizers. A built-in breathing circuit reduces the number of tubes and cables, protecting the machine’s components from damage or disconnection.

The Aestiva 3000 comes equipped to handle evolving anesthesia demands, with Doctors Depot maintained features including:

  • Smartvent 7900 ventilator
  • Patient breathing system with circle module
  • Low-flow anesthesia
  • Three-gas delivery system
  • Open, flexible architecture
  • Fold-up writing shelf
  • Light strip
  • Lockable drawer
  • Integrated O2 flowmeter
  • Integrated suction
  • One-year warranty

Optional features include:

  • SmartVent 7100
  • Air-flow tube: single or dual
  • Cylinder yokes: up to four on a two-vaporizer system, five on a three-vaporizer system
  • Auxiliary common gas outlet
  • Bain module
  • Integrated suction (central or Venturi)
  • Integrated auxiliary O2 flowmeter
  • Silicone breathing circuit kits