Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva 5 – Used & Refurbished


The Aestiva 5 delivers precise anesthesia solutions while keeping operating costs at a minimum. Offering low-flow settings and SmartVent power, the Aestiva 5 assures that you can focus on patient treatment and less on your equipment budget.

Doctors Depot works hard to maintain all of the space, time and money saving elements the Aestiva 5 offers – from the in-line tubing to the compact breathing system. Our team understands the importance of this ventilation system and spares no expense in bringing it up to speed. Don’t settle for just a used Datex Aestiva 5, get a completely refurbished and reconditioned anesthesia machine from Doctors Depot.

The Aestiva 5 is product of numerous technician requests. As a result, the SmartVent operated therapy is both ergonomically designed and driven by powerful volume, pressure and self-diagnostic tools, for harder working operation.

Clinician needs have evolved and so has the Aestiva 5. The SmartVent’s advanced Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation with Pressure Support and Apnea backup mode, help tailor anesthesia care, case by case. No situation proves overwhelming for the Aestiva 5, with pediatric, agent sensitive and laryngeal mask airway patients supported on low-flow settings aided by adjustable flow trigger and electronic PEEP. Having both pressure and volume control modes allow for target ventilation, despite changes in fresh gas flow and airway pressure.

Why take on a design that isn’t tailored to your practice? Configurable top shelving and a multitude of drawer options allows for a space saving design and gives you only the options you need. Smart sensors that follow patients breathing and ventilation needs provide uninterrupted communication, while an integrated cable system keeps crucial elements out of harms way.

An Aestiva 5 comes equipped to handle evolving anesthesia demands, with Doctors Depot maintained features including:

  • SmartVent ventilator
  • SIMV
  • PSVPro
  • PEEP
  • Patient breathing system with circle module
  • O2 and N2O gas delivery
  • Lockable drawer
  • Light strip
  • Frame style-two or three in-line vaporizers, left or right-handed, trolley or pendant- mounted
  • Additional gases: air and heliox or CO2
  • Air-flow tube: single or dual
  • Cylinder yokes: up to four on a two-vaporizer system, five on a three-vaporizer system
  • Auxiliary common gas outlet
  • Bain module
  • Integrated suction (central or Venturi)
  • Integrated auxiliary O2 flowmeter
  • Silicone breathing circuit kits

Doctors Depot ensures the utmost care goes into maintaining all components of the Datascope, Datex Ohmeda, Drager, GE and Mindray anesthesia machines we sell.

Doctors Depot understands that the Aestiva 5 was developed to put you in control of your anesthesia care, including built-in diagnostics and durable components that will cut down on scheduled outside maintenance. Our team uses a detail-oriented refurbishing process to ensure that these state-of-the-art elements are in perfect working order, saving you valuable time and money.