Datex-Ohmeda Avance – Refurbished & Used

Datex Avance

The Avance care station helps you raise the bar in your facility, with a state of the art breathing system and SmartVent technology. The Avance’s compact, integrated workspace provides precise anesthesia therapy, continuous monitoring and advanced ventilation that puts you a step ahead of your patient’s needs.

Doctors Depot realizes that the Avance’s excellent track record makes it a top choice among clinicians, providing state of the art technology in a compact design. Our team spares no expense to maintain the integral components of the Avance so you can continue customizing anesthesia delivery, case after case. Don’t settle for just a used Datex Avance, get a completely refurbished and reconditioned anesthesia machine from Doctors Depot.

A product of clinician collaboration, the Datex Avance integrates advanced anesthesia delivery, patient monitoring, and system information management for outstanding functionality. Modern ventilation capabilities alongside time-tested GE data transmission, puts the Avance right where you need it - at the center of your anesthesia regimen.

Since your patient’s demands can change breath by breath, GE’s 7900 SmartVent technology makes room for those necessary adjustments. Pressure control helps maximize time for gas exchange while delivering the same volume regardless of compliance fluctuation, while GE’s Advanced Breathing System is able to rapidly respond to fresh gas changes even during low flow anesthesia. With an adjustable flow trigger, electronic PEEP and an apnea backup mode, the SIMV and PSVPro modes help streamline the work of caring for your spontaneously breathing patients. Consistent menus, quick key actions, and alarm management allow for intuitive operator use, while a built in monitor displays real-time patient data.

A Datex Avance comes equipped to handle evolving anesthesia demands, with Doctors Depot maintained features including:

  • PCV-VG
  • Volume Control
  • Pressure Control
  • PSVPro
  • SIMV (Volume and Pressure)
  • Manual ventilation
  • Removable ABS and multi absorber canisters help eliminate delays.

Doctors Depot ensures the utmost care goes into maintaining all components of the Datascope, Datex Ohmeda, Drager, GE and Mindray anesthesia machines we sell.

Doctors Depot takes pride in restoring the Avance care station to manufacturer appointed specifications, in order to deliver your clinic the ventilation machine it needs. From fine-tuning inner workings to applying the last coat of paint, our team guarantees that all components are like new.