Drager Fabius GS Premium – Used & Refurbished


Doctors Depot knows that no day is the same in anesthesia administration, but the Fabius GS Premium can assure unwavering dependability. Ergonomic design, customizable technology and dependable Drager breathing systems allow for the best in patient care, day in and day out.

We recognize the Drager Fabius GS Premium as a leader in anesthesia administration, so we work hard to maintain all of its thoughtfully constructed features. Doctors Depot values your decision to purchase the this medical device and want you to rest easy knowing that every component, from data transfer to gas flow, is carefully restored. Consider a professionally refurbished Drager Fabius GS Premium rather than a very costly new machine.

The Drager Fabius GS Premium wants to help you overcome anesthesia challenges with the accuracy of modern innovation and accessibility of the time-tested Drager network. Since your needs are forever changing, the Fabius GS remains mobile in its structure and fully adaptable for seamless clinic integration.

An advanced, ICU-style piston ventilator eliminates the need for drive gas, while pressure and volume controls are always supported. An open, customizable structure is key in the way the Fabius GS operates, allowing for Infinity Omega and Delta XL monitors to be mounted exactly where they are needed most.

Vital ventilation parameters are displayed on high contrast color monitors, and gas flow data is monitored even in the event of a power failure. Compatible with Drager’s economical CLIC absorbers, the Fabius GS intends to be the practical, low maintenance solution for your cases.

Doctors Depot ensures the Drager Fabius GS Premium remains efficient and up-to-date, with fully maintained components, like these:

  • High-contrast color monitor with Dräger user interface for easy and familiar operation
  • All major ventilation modes
  • New, highly maneuverable trolley with a central brake – Integrated LED workplace illumination
  • Solid, spacious design with large drawers
  • Industry standard rails for additional Dräger and third party equipment
  • CLIC absorber compatible

Options and upgrades:

  • Dräger Vamos or SCIO monitor for enhanced gas monitoring.
  • Additional Dräger Omega or Omega-S monitors can let you maintain a complete, simultaneous overview of ventilation parameters, hemodynamics, diagnostics, laboratory or other parameters
  • Pick and Go® and auto-reconfiguration solutions for rapid and seamless patient and patient data transfers.
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality in the face of equipment budget constraints. Doctors Depot delivers the same Fabius GS Premium, and all of its smart functions, that you’d receive straight from Drager. Our years of experience refurbishing the Fabius GS Premium, means that you’ll be able to offer unprecedented anesthesia care without compromising.