Drager Fabius MRI – Refurbished & Used


An MRI unit is unique in its anesthesia needs, with magnetic fields and tight quarters coming into play. The Drager Fabius MRI offers top of the line E-Vent piston ventilation, while certified for field strengths of up to 40 mTesla, allowing you to administer without hesitation.

Doctors Depot understands the Fabius MRI stands alone in its ability to properly ventilate and monitor under the unique demands of imaging rooms. We take the utmost care in restoring this machine, because we know how special it is to your line up. You can trust Doctors Depot to deliver a high-quality, professionally refurbished and used Drager Fabius MRI.

An MRI center depends on equipment that can handle high magnetic fields and a wide-range of patients. The Fabius MRI was created to ventilate in these demanding imaging environments, giving you more diagnostic control over the results you’re after.

The Fabius MRI features an electronically driven E-Vent piston ventilator, eliminating the need for drive gas, which is particularly well suited for the MRI environment. Keeping all volume and pressure controls, pressure support and SIMV/PS keys at your fingertips means tailored care through any and all imaging procedures. ICU-like performance brings enhanced safety, confidence and control to all of your adult, paediatric and neonatal patients.

Adjusted handles allows for easy maneuvering, even in tight spaces close to MRI machines. Integrated flow tubes and a close-to-body CLIC absorber allows you to get closer to patients that need your care.

A Fabius MRI allows your clinicians to keep patients comfortable in imaging centers, with Doctors Depot upgraded specifications like:

  • High-visibility colour screen
  • Integrated 02 (flow tube)
  • Fixed and adjustable handles provide easy positioning and maneuvering.
  • E-vent piston Ventilator
  • Compact Breathing System
  • Dräger Sorb CLIC absorber
  • Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS)
  • Endotracheal Suction Unit

Doctors Depot ensures the utmost care goes into maintaining all components of the Datascope, Datex Ohmeda, Drager, GE and Mindray anesthesia machines we sell.

The Fabius MRI brings ventilation efficiency to your imaging practice, allowing you to capture what you need while keeping your patient as comfortable as possible. Our team refurbishes the Fabius MRI to manufacturer outlined specifications, to deliver you with the machine you require.