Drager Fabius Tiro – Refurbished & Used


The Drager Fabius Tiro is synonymous with intelligent, ergonomic design. While remaining the most compact anesthesia machine in the marketplace, it offers the dynamic power of an electronically driven E-Vent piston ventilator, capable of maintaining constant tidal volumes, compliance compensation and back-up ventilation, even at low flow settings.

Doctors Depot realizes that the Fabius Tiro’s advanced ventilation capabilities, coupled with its streamlined body, is the number one choice for small OR and outpatient facilities. Our team is dedicated to upgrading all of these components, from the quick-start emergency function to the heated breathing system, that keep the Fabius Tiro at the center of your line up.

The Drager Fabius Tiro stands apart in anesthesia care, with its ability to remain dynamic in agent and gas exchange, despite its compact design. An advanced E-Vent piston ventilator delivers ICU-like performance, suitable for all acuity levels, while the slim-bodied tower saves your valuable work space.

Operating without drive gas, the Fabius Tiro is able to bring accuracy and ease to your anesthesia administration, even for pediatric patients. Even at low-flow settings, tidal volumes are maintained and back-up ventilation will be enabled. Optional pressure controlled and pressure supported modes, including SIMV/PS, can expand your ventilation therapy even further.

An integrated, high-contrast monitor displays relevant ventilation information as parameters and a pressure curve, while fresh gas flow is monitored via high-visibility digital displays as well as a single mechanical flow tube which shows total gas flow. Optional wall-mounted or cart version allows you to tailor the Fabius Tiro to your clinic’s specific needs. Three drawers provide storage space for additional equipment and consumables, and a stowaway table provides extra space for other instruments or documentation.

Drager’s Fabius Tiro comes equipped to handle evolving anesthesia demands, with Doctors Depot maintained features including:

  • E-Vent piston ventilator, requires zero drive gas
  • COSY (compact external breathing system) makes for easy disassembly and cleaning
  • Drager interface, consistent and familiar across machines
  • High contrast monitor for fast identification of parameters
  • Stowaway table
  • Three large drawers
  • Easily maneuverable cart

Doctors Depot ensures the utmost care goes into maintaining all components of the Datascope, Datex Ohmeda, Drager, GE and Mindray anesthesia machines we sell.

We understand how important anesthesia care is to your clinic, and how central the Fabius Tiro is to your regimen. From the cart frame that allows the machine to move so freely, to the piston ventilator that ensures proper gas exchange, Doctors Depot employs a thorough restoration process that covers all aspects of the Drager Fabius Tiro.