Anesthesia Machines

Anesthesia machines are quite expensive to purchase for a hospital or individual doctors office. With budget restrictions always looming over head buyers are becoming increasingly selective in where they get their medical equipment. A long standing practice in the industry is to purchase refurbished or remanufactured anesthesia machines. If done properly by a reputable company with highly trained technicians a used piece of medical equipment can be practically as good as new and be yours for a much discounted price.

Purchasing refurbished or remanufactured anesthesia machines should be taken seriously and certain protocols should be researched before taking possession or using them on a patient. You will want to ensure the particular piece of medical equipment was worked on by a technician that was trained and certified by the manufacturer of the machine. Not all machines are built the same or use the same parts even though they perform the same function. A listing of just what exactly was done to the equipment is also a must. Were the essential working parts rebuilt such as the GMS absorber or ventilator? Does it have new batteries or was the scavenging system cleaned and checked? Most importantly you will want to make sure that any replacement parts used on the anesthesia machines were new and from the exact manufacturer of the machine. A remanufactured machine is only as good as its parts so the use of refurbished parts is not a good idea. Finally the technician that refurbished the piece of equipment must certify it and the seller should be willing to provide some kind of warranty. If the above requirements are met satisfactorily than the equipment is ready for resale. When people’s lives are at stake there should be no shortcuts in acquiring the tools necessary to perform the procedures safely.

The use of rebuilt anesthesia machines and other medical equipment is a widely accepted practice in the world of medicine. They are very expensive when purchased brand new and can put a strain on anybody’s budget. When done properly, by the correctly trained technicians and with the right parts a used piece of equipment is just as good as a new one. They can have a very long lifespan in assisting doctors with surgical procedures if maintained and used properly. Just make sure that you know where you are getting it from and exactly how it was rebuilt, by who, and with what parts. is proud to repair and sell used medical equipment from these manufactures. We also sell these and other machines. Just call or email us for a quote.

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