Knob for knob, valve for valve: Doctors Depot is on a mission

August 22, 2014

Early on in Doctors Depot history, after just a few years refurbishing and selling machines to practitioners and their facilities, I received a testimonial from a doctor and medical device expert – the final line reading, “That’s the difference between an ‘As-is broker’ and a refurbishing company.” The concise, but all-telling praise not only confirmed my decision to enter this industry but also highlighted my very mission – to not be a dealer of second-hand devices but to reintroduce anesthesia equipment back into the market, as good as (if not better than) new.
Coming from the desk of an MD, who has vast experience with some of the same machines that I refurbish, working with GE, the testimonial carried a weight so heavy, that it has stuck with me (and
literally sticks to my computer on a post-it note) after all these years. To deliver machines that outlast our practitioners’ expectations is to maintain a painstakingly detail-oriented practice of disassembly, maintenance, detecting red flags, anticipating future issues and reassembling with care. The shipping process is very important to us too, and you can read about that here.

While more and more personnel see the value in refurbished anesthesia equipment, some remain skeptical – Will the machine meet quality standards typically reserved for ‘new’ devices? Will it look clean, up-to-date and professional? Can I be sure the life-supporting product i’m buying is functioning safely? Part of the Doctors Depot mission, which sets us apart form the ‘as-is’ brokers, is to promote transparency and understanding.

The answer to all of these questions is ‘yes.’ And here’s why:

1. Upon receipt of a machine, we disassemble all of its cosmetic pieces. Accessories and removable
parts are organized based on the level of attention needed, castor or plastic wheels are also removed to
be refinished, repaired or replaced.

2. All stainless steel parts are refinished by an in-house specialist – this includes trays, metal handles and
arms. Previously painted/coated accessories are cleaned, sanded and prepped for a new coat of paint.
While this step is often overlooked, Doctors Depot believes the clean and chip-less appearance of a
device helps promote the job it does at administering anesthesia. The flow control knobs, which are
usually fixed to the body, are hand-painted in place.

4. After these aesthetic elements are reassembled and deemed in working condition by our certified
technicians, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) guidelines take hold. With diagnostics in mind, we
delve deeper into the machine’s powerful core, replacing all rubber goods, absorber, batteries, oxygen
sensors and consumable items. Following industry guidelines are of utmost important to us, and also to
the doctors that rely on us.

5. While many parts have an expected lifespan that dictate maintenance or repairs down the line, we
push beyond regulation repairs to anticipate any new or previously undetected problems – giving our
customers more time with their products.

6. Even after our machines are shipped and delivered, Doctors Depot remains a source of customer care
and support – from set-up and integration to mobility and data transfer.

7. Following our 100% money back guarantee, if any device does not reach expectations or function as
promised, we will assume all costs and a total refund. We are proud to say that we’ve never had to do so
in our tens years of business, and we feel strongly that each machine that leaves our shop will deliver, on
every level.

We continue to push the limit on proper customer service, refurbishing and proper shipping. Contact us today to
learn more about our process and company.