Medical Equipment Repair

Whether you are looking to be proactive or have an immediate need for medical equipment repair, there are a few things to consider before you hand over your patient monitors or anesthesia machine. Having your equipment serviced ultimately allows you to do the best job possible, from surgical room to outpatient facility. With refurbished medical equipment being acquired at the same rate as new, it should come as no surprise that reliable, professional repair service for your medical equipment is abundant. With just a handful of poignant questions and industry tips, you will be able to select the right service provider to repair your valuable, life saving medical equipment.

All machines, even those purchased brand new from an original manufacturer, will need routine maintenance to ensure patient health and safety. Sometimes, a crucial piece of equipment will fail at a time that it is needed most, and having a technician with the right experience and sense of urgency will be key. Ideally, the technician doing the work will be trained by the manufacturer for the specific machine in question, but being certified by an outside company will work just as well – so long as he or she has the proper qualifications. It is imperative to seek out proof that your chosen service provider has the necessary experience to complete your job. Another crucial element to a great repair is the use of certified parts, which keeps your machine as close to factory condition as possible. Without certified parts there will likely be no warranty on the repaired machine and guaranteeing the life of the repair becomes much trickier to do.

While it may seem convenient to find someone as quickly as possible for your medical equipment repair, it would serve your facility well to find a business and technician that can provide maintenance and emergency work on all the machines you find yourself needing throughout the day. Availability, expertise and communication are key components to finding the right fit for your medical equipment repair service. is proud to repair and sell used medical equipment from these manufactures. We also sell these and other machines. Just call or email us for a quote.


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