Datex S5 Compact Monitor – Refurbished & Used


The Datex S5 Compact monitor delivers anesthesia monitoring along with peace of mind, allowing for vital sign transmission and arrhythmia detection you can trust. While well suited for PACU and day surgery, with 6 user-configurable modes, the S5 Compact remains a diligent partner in all aspects of facility monitoring needs.

Doctors Depot understands the appeal of an S5 Compact, as it offers all of the exceptional capabilities associated with Datex-Ohmeda S5 units, while remaining simple to operate and easy to transport. Our maintenance of the S5 Compact monitor exceeds refurbishing standards, so that the machine you get works just like new.

A Datex S5 Compact monitor allows for seamless, efficient patient monitoring from day surgery settings to PACU facilities. A compact, portable design houses powerful data transmission tools, so you don’t have to sacrifice intelligence in the name of clinical work space.

Intuitive S5 Compact monitoring settings deliver intelligence with ease, offering extended arrhythmia analysis, basic hemodynamic measurements and full airway gas quantifications. Industry standard 8-waveform, 4 numeric digit fields are configured with S5 exclusive Network and iCentral data sharing, meaning uninterrupted information recording and easy integration into your lineup.

The S5 Compact allows for large waveform and numeric viewing from long distances and multiple viewing angles, with data displayed on a colorful, 12.1” screen. A rugged, handled body means simple transport from room to room.

The Datex S5 Compact monitor comes equipped to handle evolving anesthesia demands, with Doctors Depot maintained features including:
  • Small footprint bedside monitor with extra large 12.1 inch display
  • Uses all plug-in measurement modules, except E-MEM and E-EXT
  • 24-hour graphical and numeric trends can be displayed and used to access historical data
  • Color-coded prioritized and adjustable alarms
  • Up to 400 snapshots to store and recall waveform samples
  • Integration of transport data with optional MemCardTM
  • Optional built-in, three-channel thermal array recorder
  • Wireless networking (WLAN) option
  • Optional deioRecorder for Anesthesia with integrated keyboard and shared user interface for documentation
  • Built-in battery and handle for intra-hospital transport monitoring
  • Wall mount, roll stand and bed mount available for workplace ergonomics

Doctors Depot ensures the utmost care goes into maintaining all components of the Datascope, Datex Ohmeda, Drager, GE and Mindray anesthesia machines we sell.

As with the entire line of Datex S5 monitors, the S5 Compact is gone over with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that all components, technical and aesthetic, are restored or replaced. Our team’s extensive knowledge of the S5 Compact translates into exceptional refurbishing and helpful customer service.