Refurbished Medical Equipment Repair and Sales

When someone needs a major surgery, they are choosing your practice because they trust in you to care for them and make swift, educated decisions. One of the smartest you could make is to purchase refurbished medical equipment, which affords you the freedom to select the machine you need, without blowing an entire facilities budget. Many hospitals and clinics rely on refurbished and remanufactured machines to carry them through even the most grueling procedures, because they understand the value and reliability they bring to the table. Instead of seeing this purchase as a sacrifice, it should be viewed as an intelligent investment.

Purchasing refurbished medical equipment, much like buying brand new, is best done with some research under your belt and lots of information from each supplier you’re considering. Much like you care for the patients you revitalize, reputable refurbishing companies take great pride in returning anesthesia machines to original manufacturer’s performance specifications. Large hospitals with endless budgets may seem intimidating in their buying power, but using is just as responsible. To be completely comfortable in your decision, it is crucial to know what to look for in a supplier.

Service should be completed by an experienced technician that only uses original, manufacturer certified parts and offers a warranty on each machine. A 100% satisfaction guarantee may be offered by the vendor, which solidifies a supreme commitment to quality and reinforces the responsibility they take on to you and your patients. Suppliers that dial in their focus on either a specific type of inventory or the number of manufacturers offered are more likely to have consistently satisfied customers, as they have built strong relationships with and knowledge bases of the items they carry. This limited inventory offers more control by demanding specialization, allowing for a large stock of parts for service, and lowers overhead so the savings can be passed down to the customer. All of these tips will narrow your search and allow you to purchase from the right refurbisher or repair company.

If any doubt remains if refurbished medical equipment is the right way to service your patients, look no further than to the The International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers (IAMERS). IAMERS was established in 1993 to regulate the industry, publishing detailed guidelines that allow the end user some peace of mind when debating whether or not to undergo the expense of new equipment. is proud to repair and sell used medical equipment from these manufactures. We also sell these and other machines. Just call or email us for a quote.


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